From Buenos Aires to Fin del Mundo and beyond

December 20th 2015
The alarm went off at 1:45am and nocturnal James is already awake. I am very very sleepy but managed to get myself together.  The taxi drove at warp speed to the airport. We checked the bike and bags and waited for the plane to Ushaia where the real adventure begins.

Once we landed our hotel was a short taxi ride away. The rest of the day was spent with James building the bike and me relaxing. We had our first ever Choripan which is essentially a hot dog with lots of ketchup – this was a special one because it came with egg and cheese! Local speciality.

December 21st 2015
A frustrating day full of Argentinian administration. We spend 6 hours in the post office and OCA Argentina trying to figure out how to send our bike boxes back to Buenos Aires. Muy complicado. To save the day we cycled to fin del mundo which is the southernmost point in the world that you can ride or drive to, in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Beautiful! We also visited every hardware store in Ushuai looking for stove fuel – once we figured out we needed solvente industrial not solvente bencina we had more luck!

Day 1 – December 22nd 2015
Another 4 hours dedicated to the post office carefully wrapping up boxes in flimsy brown paper as instructed. What a waste of life! Finally the boxes are sent and we are heading off to Puerta Almanza on the Beagle Channel. Weather here is rapidly changing and the first day on the bike we experienced 6 hours of heavy rain and snow! We also got chased by a cow as we entered the village. Luckily we were rescued by a little restaurant called “la Sinena y el Capitan” who dried our clothes and served an amazing meal. They then offered for us to sleep on the floor of the restaurant instead of putting up our tent in the rain. Gracias Feli & Sergio. Route
Day 2 – December 23rd 2015
A day of rest from the bike and the Sun was shining. We took a sail boat trip into the Beagle Channel and some adjoining channels to see cormorants, penguins and sea lions. We followed that up with a scrumptious seafood lunch at our favourite restaurant and then loaded up the bike, did a grand farewell and then cycled 1 kilometre up the road to a wild camp spot in the Woodlands with a stream and fabulous views of the mountains and the Beagle Channel. Route
Day 3 – December 24th 2015
Back on the road again. The trip was from Puerto Almanza to an undefined camping spot. We climbed up a little mountain pass, Paseo Garibaldi, and survived. With the wind behind us we zoomed along just under 100 kilometers and found ourselves in Tolhuin, a little town, in Tierra del Fuego. There is a kind and famous man who owns the bakery and welcomes cyclist in to sleep and eat. We had a delicious Christmas dinner with him and some fellow cyclists even including some bubbly. All of this was followed by a welcome night sleep in the gym of the bakery. Route
Day 4 – December 25th 2015
Merry Christmas everyone! We had a fabulous peaceful day on the bike on quiet local roads through the Tierra del Fuego countryside. That evening we stumbled upon an abandoned Estancia where local Argentinians were gathered eating drinking and listening to music for the Christmas fiesta. We had a wonderful Christmas fire and a good night. Route
Day 5 – December 26th 2015
Back on the bike with tired legs and slightly sore buttocks. Continued on quiet roads for another 88 kilometers and saw lots of llama like animals, cows and sheep but not very many people. Finally made it to another town called Río Grande which is apparently the city of your dreams! It met our dream requirements as we got a hot shower and some good food. route
Day 6 – December 27th 2015
Rest day which is very appreciated. Got some prep to do today as we will be heading off into the wilderness with no facilities so need to take enough food and supplies to last for 5 days. This is where the real adventure begins!

We will be back in touch when we next get WiFi in 5 or 6 days. Hasta Luego

19 thoughts on “From Buenos Aires to Fin del Mundo and beyond”

  1. Your journey so far sounds like so much fun. I loved the part about being chased by a cow. Reminded me of when we went for our walk in Zurich : ). Keep safe guys, merry Christmas and have a fab new year xx looking forward to the next read ?

  2. I bet the scenery is awesome. Good progress so far. Watch that local cuisine! Sitting down wind of James’ bum with a dicky tummy is like a loaded gun with no safety. Could be a sticky situation. Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas
    It looks like you are having the adventure of a lifetime.
    Enjoy every moment…. Even the lows.
    Look forward to reading the next part.
    All our love Raju & Sonal

  4. Sounds like a great start & looking forward to the next chapter of your journey. We are keeping you both in our thoughts. All our love and best wishes for 2016.

    Brian & Meena.

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